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FMD13 “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of” has already been called “LEGENDARY” and it hasen’t even happened yet. Our resident FMD Genius (also known as the Stig of Asian MMA) caught up with Will The Kill Chope to get the inside scoop on what’s about to become Folklore in Thailand…

FMD Genius Question:Tommy Wild Card Hayden has been calling you out ever since he arrived in Bangkok just over a year ago. What does this fight mean to you personally?”

Will The Kill Chope: “It’s funny him asking for the fight. Because he was the one who pulled out due to injuries. I have always fought, whether I broke my arm or hand, I fought. My records don’t lie. 15 fights in 2016.”

FMD Genius Question: “You recently acknowledged all the press he’s been getting in Asia, despite having just one MMA fight here. How do you feel about it now?”

Will The Kill Chope: “This fight is like the official fight for who the Baddest Dude in South East Asia is! Is it the guy who showed up over a year ago and had one fight or is it the guy who has spent his entire adult life in Asia literally fighting every month?”

FMD Genius Question: “With Tommy’s experience and wrestling base, how do you see the fight going?”

Will The Kill Chope: “Tommy is a UFC vet, I’m a UFC vet. It will be the highest level MMA fight to ever take place in Thailand.”

FMD Genius Super Long Question: “You recently went into the promotion game, organizing the inaugural Thailand Fighting Championship in the beautiful beach resort town of Khao Lak in the south of Thailand. How did the event go? What did you learn about MMA event promotion, seeing it from the promoter’s side for the first time?”

Will The Kill Chope: “TFC1 was great. Fight promoting, in my opinion, is harder than fighting. Dealing with gyms, fighters, egos, is a pain in the ass. I would love to see more unity. In business that is hard to get sometimes. But I love this sport, I love Thailand, and I want my passion, the sport of MMA, to grow here and will do everything I can to make that happen.”

Final FMD Genius Question: “What are your plans for Thailand Fighting Championship?”

Will The Kill Chope: “Thailand FC is here to stay and you will see many more events in the near future.”

FMD Genius Wrap Up: As a Fan of MMA, what you are doing here in Thailand is pure awesomeness served in a tall glass with a salted rim and Hooters Wings on the side! This is truely shaping up to be the biggest MMA Fight for 2017 and it’s golden to have it happening at FMD13 Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of. Thank you for your time Mr. The Kill.  Please continue killing it in Thailand while I go relax poolside and get a neck rub from the FMD Ring Girls.


Will The Kill Chope
Will The Kill Chope

FULL METAL DOJO 13 - 25th FEB, 2017

Will The Kill Chope