Tommy Wild Card Hayden – FMD13

In the lead up to FMD13 “Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of” we caught up with Tommy Wild Card Hayden for a quick interview. It’s always good to know what’s going on in the mind of a Fighter. Knowledge is Power so prepare to become more powerful as you read Tommy’s answer to the tough questions.

FMD Genius Question: “You’ve been after this fight with Will The Kill Chope ever since you arrived in Bangkok. Why do you want it so much?”

Tommy Wild Card Hayden: “To be perfectly honest I had no clue who Chope was. People had asked me about the fight and if I wanted it so I started following him. So I think it’s cool that we get to fight. But in all reality, I don’t care who I fight. Will is just another person that’s been placed in front of me.”

FMD Genius Qusetion: “What do you see as his strengths and weaknesses as a fighter?”

Tommy Wild Card Hayden: “Well let’s start with the obvious. He is tall so that gives him range. His stand-up style is also primarily muay Thai, so I have seen him throw knees and elbows quite a bit. I also know he is strong if he takes someone’s back on the ground but that ends what I perceive to be his strengths. As far as weaknesses go, I see him as slow and physically weak against wrestlers. I also don’t think his bottom game is very strong. He also has a weak body, he can’t take body shots.”

FMD Genius Question: “What would the win against Chope do for your career?”

Tommy Wild Card Hayden: “A win against Will just shows I can beat another person that decided to stand in front of me.”

FMD Genius Question: “You’ve had some muay Thai fights in Thailand too. How was that experience?”

Tommy Wild Card Hayden: “Fighting muay Thai here has been fun. I continue to learn and hone my skills. I will fight Muay Thai again soon.”

FMD Genius Question: “Tell us more about teaching wrestling to Thais, raised mostly on muay Thai.”

Tommy Wild Card Hayden: “I have met a few good Thai Wrestlers here, namely Dream Man who fights for One Championship. But for the most part the level of wrestling is low. The cool part about teaching Thai athletes is they have a great drive and desire to improve. So they learn very fast. I really like the role I have slipped into here.”

FMD Genius Wrap Up: “My brain is hurting with all the knowledge I just absorbed from you Mr Wild Card. You sound like an awesome guy and given that both you and Will The Kill Chope are both UFC Veterans I’m stupidly excited about seeing an amazeballs clash between you two. Thank you for your time, I’ll let you get back to eating your Daniel Thaiger Burger.”


Tommy Wild Card Hayden
Will The Kill Chope

FULL METAL DOJO 13 - 25th FEB, 2017

Will The Kill Chope