About Full Metal Dojo

Full Metal Dojo (FMD) is Thailand’s largest Mixed Martial Arts promotion created with the goal to help promote MMA throughout Thailand and South East Asia. Founded by MMA’s most interesting personality, Jon Nutt, the Full Metal Dojo team aims to follow in the footsteps of other pro organizations by providing a professional platform on which upcoming MMA fighters based in Thailand can put their skills to the tests.

It’s no secret that Muay Thai is the most effective striking discipline in Mixed Martial Arts and for years, many pro MMA athletes have visited the country to hone their striking skills. Now with world-class MMA Gyms opening up all over the country, there’s even more opportunity for fighters to train in all aspects of the game, be it Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, or Muay Thai. Since a large majority of Thai fighters have been training for many years, and many have fights into the 100’s, it’s clear that once they can add some effective ground skills, the most talented Thai fighters can dominate MMA in their respective weightlcass. And that’s one thing FMD hopes to build; Thai MMA fighters who progress to the international stage.

Over the years, other SEA Countries such as Malaysia and Singapore have seriously stepped up their game with both pro and amateur fights being held on a regular basis. And now it’s FMD’s time to step into the limelight to bring the same media attention to Thai fighters and the sport itself. If you’re interested in fighting for FMD, we accept both Thai and International fighters. Drop us your details over at the contact page and we’ll add you to our roster.